boge Shock Absorbers

Boge Shock Absorbers in OE quality. Boge now offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Optimal safety
In the production of series vehicles, the automotive industry only chooses shock absorbers which have been specifically designed for the vehicle in question. On the day to day level, this means optimal safety and the ability to respond to any driving situation. Depending on vehicle type, model, and engine, this could mean different shock absorbers.

Shock Absorbers for every use
For this reason, BOGE also offers you the right shock absorber for every application, developed and manufactured following the tough standards of original equipment. Regardless of which damper fits your vehicle in the series production, BOGE automatic offers you safety and comfort only felt in a new vehicle.

Shock Absorbers for Commercial Vehicles
Components of success The chrome-plated piston rod is repeatedly polished. that ensures high corrosion resistance, low mechanical seal wear and top handling comfort through low friction. The piston rod guide of sintered iron, with a wear-resistant slide face, in many cases features a hydraulic rebound buffer for precise and even stroke arrest. The self-adjusting seal – of high-grade perbunan-compounds or viton materials – meets the toughest standards for reliability, temperature stability and long life. The long-lived high-performance oil ensures a constant damping force in all temperature ranges.

Safety over the long haul
The valve system, comprised of a plunger valve and foot valve, offers degressive characteristics for ultimate safety and optimum comfort. Valve components with low relaxation make for highly consistent damping force and characteristic precision without adjustment. The outer tube of the damper has been pre-treated and given an environment-friendly coating against corrosion, stones, salt, oil and fuel. The mounting joints consisting of bushings and age-resistant, wear-resistant rubber materials form a highly durable and sound-proof link between wheel suspension and chassis.


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