Koni Shock Absorbers

KONI develops, manufactures and sells worldwide specialty high quality and performance hydraulic shock absorbers and systems for Street- and Race cars, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Railway Rolling Stock and Industrial applications.

KONI Automotive After Market shock absorbers, struts and damper systems are made superior in quality and driving capability. KONI Original Equipment products are specially designed to be produced in smaller quantities for niche models/series from major OE manufacturers or for high performance models from smaller specialty- or sport car manufacturers.

KONI dampers and systems for Railway applications are customer specifically designed to meet with or exceed their highest performance and safety requirements for today’s high-speed train transport systems, locomotives, metro’s and trams. The applied KONI technologies always provide clear added value when referencing lifetime quality and durability, ride performance and safety.

KONI, as part of ITT Industries, operates under a corporate-wide initiated Value Based Six Sigma management regime, which secures the best possible operating conditions and providing for maximum customer satisfaction, with optimum value creation for its shareholders.

KONI Management and Staff do maintain, as is the same throughout the total ITT Industries organization, the highest standard of business morality and thus totally rejects any violation or misconduct towards any individual regardless of sex, race or creed, and demonstrates respect and dignity towards all individuals.

Amongst the manufacturers of shock absorbers, KONI has always been recognized as standing supreme from the rest; not settling for compromise, but aiming to optimize! As KONI realizes that there are different and individual perceptions on how a car should behave or is experienced, this optimization has been split in three separate segments.

The first is to optimize the level of comfort and having the best possible road holding. This can be found in the Red KONI SPECIAL, designed to further improve the overall handling of the car under various road conditions.

The second is to optimize the level of road holding and having the best possible comfortable ride. This can be found in the Yellow KONI SPORT, to further enhance the cars full potential. For this segment extra fine-tuning possibilities are added like easy accessible damping- and ride height adjustment.

The third is to optimize the overall level of ride, both in handling and for comfort for veteran cars. This can be found in the Black KONI CLASSIC, to upgrade the road performances of these special and sometimes rare species to contemporary standards for ride and control.

KONI is supplying to the Original Performance Car Manufacturers its standard high quality shock absorbers and for some high-end Specialty Cars the unique KONI electronically variable damping system (EVD) with a remote 4-way control for all possible ride conditions.

An important part of KONI ’s research program is from our involvement in motorcar racing. It is a constantly changing world of technical innovation, where valuable experience is gained and utilized for the improvement of our quality and performance streetcar products. It is the ‘fastest laboratory’ in the world.

From KONI 's first appearance in the 1954 Tulip Rally, there has been a constant stream of successes including over 225 Grand Prix victories and 13 Formula-One world championships. In F1 today, we are proud to be involved with the teams and that we are appointed as Official Supplier for product and technology.

Innumerable successes have been achieved in a multitude of Formula, Touring & Sports Car races, such as the international Formula Ford, F3000 and F3 series; the British BTCC; the American Indy, IRL, CART, Can-Am, NHRA and NASCAR; the German STW, DTCC and DTM; the French LeMans and the "Dutch" Touring Car series. ‘ Just to name a few ‘.

Famous racer manufacturers such as Dalara, Lola, Swift, Lamborghini, Ford, Honda, Audi, Nissan, Lotus and DaimlerChrysler rely on the performance of our race shock absorbers and technology for their race car suspensions.

The KONI race service teams are fully equipped to offer immediate assistance for damper servicing and re-building at the (inter) national race tracks.

Bus, Truck & Trailer
Demands by commercial and heavy vehicle transport are ever increasing. Long service life and low maintenance costs are key factors to reduce operational costs of freight trucks and trailers. Also vital is high comfort for drivers and especially for passengers of city and travel coaches.

Also national road authorities are concerned to reduce the impact of heavier vehicles on the road surfaces, as the cost of infrastructure maintenance is becoming a major factor of their annual budgets.

KONI exceeds these various market demands by offering a range of specially designed axle, cabin and steering dampers for city buses and travel coaches with a velocity sensitive damper valve (VSV). Adjustable heavy-duty shock absorbers are standard available for all trucks and tractors with a Gross Vehicle Weight from 3.5 up to 38 tons. For heavier applications special dampers are/can be custom made.

The recently developed "91-series” Trailer Shock Absorber outperforms competitors with its unique – down to horizontal – operation. These are designed for a service life of more than 1.000.000 km. KONI was first in the industry, offering to the Trailer Suspension Manufacturers a special 6-year warranty on some of its heavy duty shock absorbers for air suspended trailers.

A unique KONI steering damper is available to control potential tendencies of shimmy and wheel flutter. The dampers are functioning only over a small stroke on either side of its centre operational position.

The Organisation
The KONI Group head office is located at Oud Beijerland, NL, where the main operational functions of Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance & Controlling, Quality Assurance and worldwide Sales & Marketing are located. The KONI Group employs approximately 1000 people.

KONI has wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, France and the USA that are responsible for sales, distribution and service of our products to these after markets, and are also dedicated to operate as liaison offices for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Via a network of nationally established distributors and agents KONI serves the worlds after markets. KONI has organized its performance shock absorber business into 3 main product market groups: Car & Racing, Bus Truck & Trailer and Railway Rolling Stock.

Each product market group is handled by its own dedicated team for product development and engineering, assembly lines and sales & marketing, thus assuring the best possible concentration of product specialization and know-how, but under the overall KONI management and corporate strategy.

The KONI organization is committed to Total Quality Management and holds the ISO9001 & QS9000 certificate, by DNV certifying company, the latter certification adopted by the worldwide automotive industry. KONI is operating in compliance with the environmental code of ISO 14001.

Company Profile
Already in 1857 KONI began business life at Oud Beijerland in the Netherlands, with the manufacturing of horse harnesses and upholstery. By 1918 production switched firstly to radiator and spring covers and later also to metal car panel beating and spraying.

In 1932 KONI started the production of friction shock absorbers. In 1940 a manifold for cars was the first product bearing the name KONI. In 1945 the factory produced its first adjustable telescopic shock absorbers for cars and trucks, soon followed by specially designed dampers for railway rolling stock.

Since 1950 KONI has developed from a skilled small local company into a multi-national shock absorber specialist with subsidiaries in France, Germany and the U.S.A. and with independent national distributors and agents in more than 90 countries in the world.

In 1972, ITT Industries Inc. NY, USA, a global multi-industry company acquired KONI now being a part of its Motion & Flow Control segment. In addition to the New York Stock Exchange, ITT Industries' common stock is traded on the Midwest, Pacific, London, Frankfurt and Paris exchanges.

Today KONI is recognized world-wide as the quality shock absorber specialist par excellence, focusing solely on high performing suspension-damping technology for Cars, Racing, Specialty Trucks, Busses, Trailers, Locomotives and Railway Rolling Stock.

KONI shock absorbers and ride systems are, unlike from other manufacturers, specially designed for each and every application without any compromise to quality, durability and available best technology to fulfil the highest requirements for comfort, safety and vehicle (handling) performance.

The KONI manufacturing process has been fully certified under the international automotive industry supply and quality management standard: QS 9000. The latest manufacturing technologies and production equipment are in use on the basis of so-called ‘lean manufacturing’ procedures.

For continuous improvement of our operations the international renowned ‘ 6-SIGMA Program’ is being applied throughout the organization to assure customer satisfaction and value to our shareholder. The KONI shock absorber products are specifically designed for each typical market requirement, which is also implemented in our specialized production lines for: Cars & Racing, Commercial Vehicles, Railway Rolling Stock and Special Products.

Through both the in-line and cell concept manufacturing processes and highly trained operators KONI is continuously committed to create ‘Number 1’ world-class products. The combination of our consistent investments in people, new production technologies and design optimization creates a constant drive for a better product performance and thus securing our world class leadership in shock absorbers.

From piston rod hardening to the final painting, and from parts manufacturing to product assembly, the KONI applied technologies are under constant scrutiny to achieve our product quality, performance and economic cost base for our business and our worldwide located customers.

Together with the functional quality of the products, KONI regards customer satisfaction to be the most important quality-mission for the company. For this goal all of the contemporary and internationally adopted production quality control techniques are employed throughout the organization.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) for new product design, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for engineering, Statistical Process Control (SPC) for production and our own company-wide KONI Continuous Improvement Program are fully operational and adhered to.

These strictest quality standards are met to fulfil our automotive and railway customer requirements. KONI has been granted many awards and approvals from the Industry for maintaining the high standard of quality control and product specifications.

The certification of the KONI Quality Management System, by certifying company DNV, includes the requirements of the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and QS-9000 for supply of products to the vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Research & Development
The Research, Development and Engineering departments of KONI are totally committed to the KONI philosophy of offering the best shock absorber and life expectancy for any application. The R&D department is fully equipped to perform this task by means of the finest test facilities and ‘a wealth’ of experience in the field of damping, be it for Formula One racers, street cars, luxury travel coaches or city buses, freight trailers or High Speed Passenger Trains.

KONI engineers have compiled a huge data base of the ideal damping characteristics for every application and are consistently working on new damping concepts. Contemporary computer supported design technologies, highly (often internally) trained and motivated personnel and the availability of extended measuring and testing facilities lead to well researched and thoroughly developed new products. Naturally all new developments in materials are closely followed and evaluated for product use.

All of the new product developments are executed under the regime of the international automotive industry standard QS9000, which secures that all products fully meet their determined objectives. The product is extensively validated during testing at the KONI Test Track and on the R&D test benches operating under simulated and/or real time road or rail track recordings.

During the research and development process a close contact with the manufacturing process engineers is maintained to assure that the product later can be reliably produced and shall meet our highest quality targets.

*Information reproduced from the official KONI Web Site www.koni.com


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